teaches and builds

We teach competitive hacking,
having done free series on Web Vulns, Reverse Engineering, Crypto and Forensics, Attack/Defense, Binary Exploitation for local students, organizing Kaspersky Summer Lab together with Kaspersky Lab in 2017, leading Practical Cybersecurity track at UNIVERSUM 2018 summer school in Munich, and training Russian national team at WorldSkills 2019 Forensics track; make fun CTFs for community,
such as hack you spb, hack you ’17, CyBRICS 2019, hack you 19, CyBRICS 2020, Student CTF 2020, CyBRICS 2021, Student CTF 2021, as well as some Attack-Defense Workout sessions; and design custom infosec events for businesses that want to set up an internal security training (SEMrush, Mail.RU Group, Acronis, InDriver, Raiffeisen Bank), fun team-building experience in recreational hacking (QIWI, SEMrush), or an attractive contest for their conference or event (Positive Technologies, Belkasoft, Raiffeisen Bank, KubanCSC, Yandex).
- Can you create one for us?

Telegram: @ksvark (Kseniya Kravtsova)