teaches and builds

We teach competitive hacking,
having done free series on Web Vulns, Reverse Engineering, Crypto and Forensics, Attack/Defense, Binary Exploitation for local students, organizing Kaspersky Summer Lab together with Kaspersky Lab in 2017, and leading Practical Cybersecurity track at UNIVERSUM 2018 summer school in Munich; make fun CTFs for community,
such as hack you spb, hack you ’17, CyBRICS 2019, hack you 19, CyBRICS 2020, Student CTF 2020, as well as some Attack-Defense Workout sessions; and design custom infosec events for businesses that want to set up an internal security training (SEMrush, Mail.RU Group), fun team-building experience in recreational hacking (QIWI, SEMrush), or an attractive contest for their conference or event (Positive Technologies, Belkasoft).
- Can you create one for us?

Telegram: @ksvark (Kseniya Kravtsova)